Hear From a Fellow Rider

Hear From a Fellow Rider

We've been riding e-bikes to work for years. I ride with assurance across downtown landscapes, city streets and the weekly adventures outside of standard settings. 

Some first-time bike commuter after years of daily driving and parking blocks away get to enjoy the freedom e-bikes offer in a snap. It can be as fast as driving or even faster.

One of our riders had this to say

“For me, at least. Yes, a car will be faster if you live 25 highway miles from your place of employment. But it takes me the same amount of time to commute by ebike as it does by car (24 minutes to ride my ebike to work and no time to park) vs (22 minutes and another 1-10 to park, depending on how lucky I get with parking space). I can use bike lanes and avoid traffic if I have an ebike. I don't have to look for parking when I get to work. Win-win.”

It's less expensive than driving.

Generally speaking, servicing a bicycle is less expensive than servicing a car. “I rode my ebike 750 miles and had my brakes tuned twice in the first 90 days of my bike commuting for a total cost of $34. Over the course of three months, I would spend more than $400 on gas (plus a $60 oil change), which is about precisely what I would pay each week. After comparing the costs of riding versus driving, my colleague realized hundreds of dollars in savings.”

Lunch hour = happiness.

“During my lunch break, I have so much freedom! I can quickly travel a few blocks to a number of eateries or pick up food on the way and return to the office with plenty of time to dine. I occasionally provide group lunches, and I adore my coworkers. I am not constrained by time or space, and the fresh air provides me energy for the remainder of the day.”