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He’s no average Joe…. 
Growing up in Morocco, Joe Dahan’s love of adventure and innovation started at a very young age. On the weekends, his father would take him for rides on his prized possession, his Solex bike with its small gas engine. Once he was he old enough, Joe could always be found exploring the streets on his father’s bike. Having an independent streak, Joe, at the age of 15, decided to move to New York. Before his departure, his father surprised him by gifting him the Solex bike to take on this adventure. Now living with his wife and daughter in Manhattan, Joe, still passionate for the outdoors and new experiences, spends most weekends exploring the beaches in Long Island and the mountains in upstate NY, always with a bike in tow. Unfortunately, his Solex bike can’t tackle much of the terrain, and Joe, irritated by the idea of buying a second bike with it’s sole purpose to be used on the weekends, feels forced to rent. 

One morning, Joe had a 9AM meeting across town. His wife had taken the car, the subway was experiencing delays, & the ride sharing apps showed high surge charges. The Solex bike was out of gas and the closest gas station was a couple miles away. Frustrated by this experience and not having an ideal ride for his days off while exploring, Joe realized that an electric bike with all terrain wheels could be a more convenient solution, as well as a socially responsible and exciting way to get around. 

Go Power was born! 
With Go Power, everyone can have a unique riding experience with a premium product at a great value. It is our commitment to empower our users to commute efficiently and live a healthy life in a socially conscious way, all while enjoying the ride!

Joe Dahan, CEO

(Our fearless leader)

While riding his father's Solex bike during his childhood on the streets of Morocco, Joe quickly fell in love with all things biking. With a "live life to the fullest" mindset, Joe is always seeking adventure on his e-bike. A true entrepreneur, Joe has built multiple successful businesses spanning manufacturing, licensing & real estate.

Mike Dahan, COO

(Our smooth operator)

When he's not incessantly making sure everything is running at full speed, you can be sure to find Mike relaxing while riding his Go Power bike on the sand in the Beach.

David Dahan, CMO

(The storyteller)

David's passion for excitement brought him to New York 10 years ago. He quickly fell in love with the city's diverse culture and naturally loves a GO Power bike since it enables him to explore all the city has to offer.

Kam, CFO

(Keeps us in check)

While at work, Kam is always juggling numbers. But with an adventure streak of her own, outside the office, Kam is juggling with which bike to explore next.

Yvonne, Product Specialist

(The all knowing)

Always super quick to respond with all the right answers, Yvonne personally appreciates the quickness and efficiency of the Go Speed.

Peggy, Quality Control

(Inspector general)

Gadget obsessed, Peggy is always interested in learning new things. When not ensuring each product is exactly as it should be, Peggy can be found exploring her neighborhood or cooking a fabulous meal for her friends

Annette, Designer

(Our style guru)

When she's not illustrating away, Annette is sure to be living out her motto to "try anything at least once". Luckily, a Go Power bike makes seeking her next adventure easy.

Jeremy, Product Associate

(Jack of all trades)

When he's not working on the latest project, you can be sure to find Jeremy "Teeing" it up with friends at the golf course. While he's an official New Yorker, he loves escaping the city, on his bike, as much as he does thriving in it.

Xenia, Logistics

(The eye in the sky)

A huge fan of the outdoors, Xenia's all about fun in the sun as long as she has her Go Power bike to take her there.