How do I register my bike?

From the website-log into www.gopowerbike.com, click on SUPPORT/REACH US at the top, click on Support Menu, click on the bike/scooter you have, click on Registration, and then fill in the information and click Submit.

From your cell phone- log into www.gopowerbike.com, tap on the 3-line menu button at the top, tap on SUPPORT/REACH US at the top, tap on Support Menu, tap on the bike/scooter you have, tap on Registration, an then fill in the information and tap Submit.

Does my bike have to be registered for the warranty?

Yes, in order for your 1-year limited warranty to take effect, you must register your bike/scooter within 30 days of delivery.

How do I change from mph to kph?

To change from MPH to KPH, turn on the bike, then press the UP arrow and DOWN arrow at the same time, then press the M button until you get to P02. Next, push the down arrow and KPH should come up (it might say 0 for KM and 1 for miles). Afterwards press the UP and DOWN arrow at the same time and the home screen should come back.

Where is the serial number located on the bike?

The serial number is located on the front fork of your bike, near the headlight.  It is engraved into the bike frame.  The GoCruiser, GoExpress, and GoSpeed also have the serial number on the box.

Where is the serial number located on the scooter?

Depending on the production year you have, it is either under the foot board or on the left side of the frame on top of the front wheel.

How much does the bike weigh?

GoCity-54 lbs.

GoCargo-80 lbs.

GoExpress-65 lbs.

Plug Snake Bike-40 lbs.

GoCruiser-65 lbs.

Plug Plus Bike-65 lbs.

GoEagle-85 lbs.

Plug City Scooter-40 lbs.

GoSpeed-90 lbs.

Plug Runner Scooter- 40 lbs.

What is the max load capacity for the bikes/scooters?

GoCity-265 lbs.

GoCargo-350 lbs.

GoExpress-300 lbs.

Plug Snake Bike-250 lbs.

GoCruiser-300 lbs.

Plug Plus Bike-300 lbs.

GoEagle-275 lbs.

Plug City Scooter-225 lbs.

GoSpeed-300 lbs.

Plug Runner Scooter- 265 lbs.

What are the folded dimensions of the GoCity/GoCruiser/GoExpress?


35” x 16” x 24”


35” x 20” x 24”


35” x 20” x 24”

Are the bikes/scooters waterproof or water resistant?

All of the GoPowerBike ebikes and escooters are water resistant-NOT waterproof.

Is it normal for my brakes to make noise?

It is completely normal for the brakes to make some noise for the first 50-75 miles.  However, we do recommend that all bikes are checked by a certified, reputable bike mechanic prior to use.  This will ensure your safety for a more enjoyable ride.

I lost my keys, how do I get replacements?

If you have lost your keys, please contact us with the key number for your battery.  We will contact the warehouse to check if they have spares.  If not, they will need to be ordered from the factory.  We strongly recommend that you do not carry both keys when riding.  

How do I return items?

Please see our return policy here.  We would like every opportunity to rectify the issue before you return your purchase.

Can I buy refurbished bikes?

Yes!  We sell refurbished bikes and scooters at a deeply discounted price.  You can simply search for the REFURBISHED category under the drop down menu for Electric Bikes and find any bikes or scooters that are available.  These bikes have been serviced and inspected by our technicians and are ready to sell.  Please remember, these bikes are in good condition, but they are not brand new.