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Electric Bikes


The Urban Rider

Perfect for beating the weekday rush and cruising around the city, the foldable Go City bike can run up to 36 miles with just one full battery using pedal assist; 18 miles with electric assist. The best part? It costs 4 cents to fully charge – 100% cheaper than your subway ticket or traveling in your car.

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The City Cruiser & Adventurer

Combining city cruising and all-terrain riding, the Go Express foldable e-bike is made for the urban commuter and weekend adventurer. From pavements to hills, streets to sand, take your Go Express Bike to your next meeting or exploration.

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The Comfortable Cruiser

The GoCruiser is an ideal source for all your travels and getaway cruise. Designed to be comfortable and to get on easily, the step thru frame made of a 6061 aluminum alloy is our lowest height model, this e-bike is extremely versatile with different modes to select from such as pedal assist, electric throttle, manual pedal or walk mode. It includes fat tires with a top speed of 20MPH and can go a distance range of 18 miles (electric) or 36 miles (pedal assist) on a single charge.

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The Trailblazer

From deep sand to heavy snow, to rocky hills and off-the-beaten paths and everything else in between, the GoSpeed has everything you need to tackle obstacles that come its way so nothing can stop you from your adventurous lifestyle.

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The Hauler

From driving the kids around town to doing your weekly shopping, the GoCargo is the choice for those who like to leave nothing behind. With its 750W motor and integrated lights, this bike is perfect for both day and night riding. It has a top speed of 20MPH and a range of up to 36 miles (with pedal assist).

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