The Best Bike Accessories for Commuting

The Best Bike Accessories for Commuting


We've all been there: stuck in traffic, counting down the seconds till we're late. However, by riding your ebike to work or school, you may avoid the crowds and improve your fitness. Yes, riding an ebike can help you lose weight. Being an ebike commuter also has extra advantages in terms of time savings, financial savings, and reduced carbon footprint. You're definitely missing out if you haven't commuted on an ebike!

We're here to aid you with the "pedal assist" that will make your life on the road a little bit easier. It can be difficult to consider all the gear and accessories you will need for ebike commuting. This tutorial will cover the essential commuter bike gear for an easy, enjoyable, and safe biking experience you will love.

The most important thing you need is a bike. You can commute on a traditional push bike, but we promise that riding an ebike will be considerably simpler. Nobody wants to arrive at work or school sweaty and filthy.

Universal Batteries:

The universal battery can serve as a way to double your range easily or have a back up ready to go at any moment. Our universal batteries adapt to our bikes and serve the same purpose across our range of ebikes.

Speed Rear Rack:

The rear rack of an e-bike makes it simple to transport cargo and personal items. The frame offers a convenient place to stow stuff while riding, whether they are groceries, a bag, or additional clothing.

An E-resale bike's value may rise in the future if a rear rack is added to it. For both short and long journeys, an E-bike rear rack offers a wide range of practical advantages.



Cruiser Front and Rear Fenders:


Why are there bicycle fenders? The simple function of bicycle fenders is to collect water that sprays off a tire. Another name for a bicycle fender is a mudguard. It is similar to an automobile fender. If there is water on the ground, your tires will discharge water, frequently up onto the rider's back. Riders in really rainy regions, like as Seattle or the UK, will notice a lot of water on the ground. If you seldom ride when there are puddles, it won't be a problem, but if you intend to ride frequently and believe it will be difficult for you to avoid water on the ground, we would consider getting fenders for protection in such conditions.

Power Bike Folding Chain Lock:

Folding bike locks are very recent and were created to address several issues with more conventional u-locks and chains.

They are constructed from a network of interconnected steel plates that can be bent to provide a wide range of locking choices before being folded down into a small package for convenient transportation.


Although they are substantially lighter than identical chains, folding bike locks are typically a bit heavier than u-locks that offer the same internal locking space and level of security.

But compared to a u-lock, they'll provide you a lot more locking options because of the way they may be fashioned (by folding the plates in one direction or the other).

Scooter/Bike Storage Bag:

Your electric bike can be used either exclusively for work, mostly for fun, or a combination of the two. No matter what their main activity is, most riders occasionally need to bring along extra gear. Your ebike may carry valuable goods with the help of bags.

Universal Gel Suspension Seat:

Memory foam chairs are thought to look and feel less comfortable than gel seats. These chairs have a plusher, “squishier” feel. For recreational riders who aren't used to firm saddles, these seats have a tendency to mold better and fit well.These seats can significantly improve initial comfort, making them a great option for people who ride primarily for leisure or have short commutes. Some individuals consider gel bicycle seats to be "introductory saddles."

Cell Phone holder:

Cell phone holders are a very convenient accessory when it comes to ebikes. Easily see directions, music choices, and anything else your device might be indicating without running the risk of taking a hand off the bike. 

Large Basket:

Our large baskets are very popular and are a great addition to your bike. Many riders around the world opt for a basket because it adds to the cargo space your ebike can carry in a snap. You can load your basket with bags, groceries, towels for the beach and anything else you can think of.