• "I am Very Satisfied with this ebike purchase. Don't waist your money on 4 or 5 thousand dollar e-bikes. My GoCity ebike is the best value electric bike you can get out there.<span>  </span>I did a <span> </span>22 Mile round trip to work with no problems and still had quarter of my ebike battery left. Don’t worry, if you have any questions, Just ask and GOPOWERBIKE will respond promptly. "

    - Richard D.

  • "This bike is freaking awesome!!! My wife got me it as a way to commute to work since I would  park my car about 10 miles away from work and to avoid paying for parking, which is like $260 a month. I also save money on gas by using my GoExpress electric bike. Once during the winter when there was snow outside there was maybe 3 inches, and my GoSpeed had no issues (but do NOT forget to dry the bike after. Money well spent!! By far the best value electric bike."

    - Dylan P.

  • "Before I bought my ebike, I went on the GoPowerBike’s Facebook page. The pictures caught my attention right away. Seeing all the different purposes that a fat tire electric bike can do. When I got my ebike, it came pretty much assembled which was nice that I didn’t have to sit for hours to put it together. I gave this electric bike review 5 stars. My electric bike completely surpassed my expectations. I use this electric bike NYC all over the New York. I even got my husband the GoExpress electric bike, and he loves it as a way to get to work. GoPowerBike is by far the best fat tire electric bike I have been on!"

    - Kayla P.