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Refurbished GoXtreme (Grade A+)

Electric City Bike

Refurbished GoXtreme (Grade A+)
Refurbished GoXtreme (Grade A+)
Refurbished GoXtreme (Grade A+)
Refurbished GoXtreme (Grade A+)

Refurbished GoXtreme (Grade A+)

Electric Refurbished Xtreme (Grade A+) Scooter

  • 25mphTop Speed

  • Up to 25 miles Range

  • 750 W Hub Motor

  • 48V 13Ah

The GoXtreme is compact enough to fit almost anywhere yet strong enough to get you up hills and to your destinations. The 48V 13Ah battery gets up to 25 miles of range, allowing you to get where you need to go on a single charge. At 40 pounds with 8.5" tires, a 750w hub motor, a top speed of 25MPH, and integrated front and rear shock absorbers, you can get anywhere in the city in next to no time at all, with all the comfort you need!





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Refurbished GoXtreme (Grade A+) Review

Technical Specs

  • Product

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Frame

  • Display &

  • MOTOR POWER                750W Gear Hub Motor

  • Frame Foldable 6061 aluminum frame with robust hinge mechanism

  • Integrated Front & Back headlight Powered using control display at the tip of your fingers.

  • Tires Puncture resistant 8.5" air-filled tires

  • Index Throttle Power at the tip of your finger

  • Brake Lever Aluminum alloy comfort grip lever with motor cutoff switch.

  • Front and Rear Suspension Fork Rear Hydraulic Suspension, Front Spring Suspension.

  • Rear Drum Brakes allows you to stop on a dime

  • Frame Foldable aluminum 6061 frame
    Compact design and robust hinge mechanism

  • Fenders Front and rear fenders integrated

  • Brake Lever Aluminum alloy comfort grip lever with motor cutoff switch.

  • Kickstand Aluminum kickstand

  • Handlebar Foldable handlebar

  • Stem adjustable stem height

  • Grips Rubber durable and comfortable hand grip

  • DISPLAY LCD display indicator ,
    speedometer, odometer, 3-mode speed level

  • BATTERY PACK 48V 13Ah With lithium Battery
    cells, rated for 800 charge cycles

  • CHARGER 100-240v 2 amp smart charger

  • CONTROLLER 48V 500W 18Ah


  • WIRING water resistant wirings

  • LIGHTS Integrated headlight and taillight controlled at your fingertip Illuminated deck

  • Index THROTTLE Power At The Tip Of Your Finger

The LCD Display

  • Battery Life battery life level

  • USB Charging Connect and charge any USB devices

  • Gear Indicator From 1 To 3 Levels Of Speed. You Decide How Much Speed Your Want From You Motor

  • Odometer keep track of how any miles you enjoyed riding

  • Speedometer keep an eye on your speed

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