The GO City Showcase

The GO City Showcase

The folding GoCity bike can travel up to 36 miles using pedal assistance and 20 miles using electric aid on a single full battery, making it ideal for avoiding the weekday rush hour and city cruising. What's best? Fully charging costs 4 cents, which is 100 percent less expensive than buying a subway ticket or renting a car.

How fast does it go?
With speeds up to 20 MPH, these GO CITY eBikes give you the power to tackle bridges, shave time off your commute, and experience more neighbourhoods in less time. Now you can reach your desired location at a fast pace.

How far can the GO CITY go on a single charge?
Expect most e-bikes to go 22–40 miles on a single charge while pedalling. You might even go beyond in some circumstances. Our GO CITY can travel 36 miles with just one full battery using pedal assist: 20 miles with electric assist.

What Does It Cost to Charge the GO CITY?
Depending on its capacity, a battery needs 500–800 watt-hours (or 0.4–0.8 kilowatt-hours) to fully charge. In the US, a charge that lasts 20–80 miles will cost you between 5-8 cents at a $0.10/kWh rate. GO CITY Electric City Bike’s best part? It costs 4 cents to fully charge – 100% cheaper than your subway ticket or traveling in your car.

Hub Motor
A Hub Motor of 500W is used in the GO CITY. Hub motors boost the force of a rider's pedal stroke, hub motors propel the vehicle by accelerating the wheel.

It is so much more enjoyable to ride carefree. To cover any manufacturing flaws, we provide a 12-month, 1200-mile guarantee (whichever comes first). In North America, this warranty period is the longest!

Free Shipping
It should be free to ship whatever you purchase online in the twenty-first century. Because of this, we offer free courier shipping within the contiguous United States. Oh, and we do need your signature when we deliver the package. Contact us if you want to ship internationally.

14 days Return & 7 Days A Week Support
We are here to assist you and provide quick responses. Contact our knowledgeable staff of bike experts if you need assistance with your purchase or are unsure about which bike is best for you.