The GO Speed Showcase

The GO Speed Showcase

The GoSpeed's powerful features and 48V 750W Hailong motor have everything you need to handle any obstacle that comes your way so nothing can stop you from living an active lifestyle. From deep sand to heavy snow, to rocky slopes and off-the-beaten-paths, and anything else in between. With just one fully charged battery, the GoSpeed can travel up to 36 miles.

With the Go Speed electric bike, you can easily handle everything from your morning commute to the toughest backcountry terrain thanks to its high-capacity battery system and engine. You may choose between using the pedalling support mode to make it simpler and start to gain speed, or you can ride using the throttle and do none of the heavy lifting.

The powerful detachable battery allows you to travel up to 20 miles in electric mode and 36 miles with pedal assistance on a single charge, and the customized 750W clever brushless motor with torque makes it easy to ride uphill over 18°. With this lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You can enjoy hours of tireless riding with only 3-4 hours of charging time and feel secure knowing the battery management system will keep it protected from overcharging, overload, and extremely high temperatures.

How fast does the GO Speed go?
With top speeds of 20 MPH, these GO Speed Electric City Bikes give you the ability to cross bridges, shorten your commute, and visit more communities. You can now travel quickly to your selected place.

How far can the GO Speed go on a single charge?
Most e-bikes should be able to travel 22 to 40 miles while pedaling slowly on a single charge. In some situations, you might even go beyond. With pedal assistance, the GO Speed can go 36 miles on a single full battery and 20 miles with electric assistance.